| FTBL How does the Tide finish 2006?

How does the Tide finish in its last 6 games?

  • 5-1

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  • 4-2

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  • .500

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  • stumbles in at 2-4

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  • uh oh! 1-5

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  • miserably at 0-6

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7-5. I said all year Upig was the swing game. If we won that a decent year was in store, lose and its a tough road.

I just dont see us winnig at UT or LSU. Id say are odds are 3 or 4 in 10 against the barn at home. Although if they lose (maybe bad) this week that team could go into a nose dive. If Shula beats 1 of these three teams Ill be happy. If he gets 2 of three Ill admit he did a pretty solid job this year. If he wins all three........well nevermind
Not gonna sunshine pumper this one as a 6-0 one.

So Im going to say 5-1. :lol:

I have a feeling we will roll into Tennesse and win. If we do that after of course beating Ole Miss and everyone else...we will be on a 5 game winning streak going into LSU.

I see this all being very possible, but I think we lose a close one to LSU and close out the season with a big win against Auburn. :wink:
I think I voted 4-2 actually. Honestly I just don't see us beating UT right now. It could happen but they're playing offense on all cylinders and our defense hasn't exactly been lights out this year. I keep hearing people say that "you gotta rattle Ainge" but that would be a lot easier said than done given the way we've pressured passers so far this year.

Honestly I think UT might be a little too tall an order. I do think that LSU and AU are beatable though. If we get it together and play a little bit better ball we can win both games. IF....we play a little better.
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