| FTBL Gus Malzahn's seemingly immense disdain of Auburn at Big 12 media days.

Just finished watching Gus's media day. There were a couple of instances where he was asked comparison questions about the big 12, and the Sec. He just outright wouldn't say "Auburn" when answering the questions. I get coaches having animosity towards the program that fired them, but I can't remember another coach doing that. Also, I've been binge watching all the conference media day stuff(because I'm bored), and some of the questions these people ask are ridiculous. A good chunk of the questions do not even pertain to football, and when they are, it's the most bland questions you can think of. There were some that were pretty good though, happy about that.
I didn't see the interview, and Gus is a weird guy, but I don't think he has any serious contempt for auburn... some people there (or that were there), maybe. But auburn was very good to him and his bank account. He's also very tight with Freeze and I think he genuinely wants auburn to do well now that he's the HC. Also fair to say, he'd like to make auburn regret firing him, but that is more rooted in his ego than it is in reality.
You know...finding a piece of "history" ....UCF NCs....2017....would-be a nice piece of memorabilia ...

Go along with my official 2018 Bama NC hat...destined for a third world country...but ended up at my house.....
My brother has one of those shirts!!!!😂😂😂
He bought it in Orlando and brought it back home and wore to a family get together. He tried to get some folks going, but everybody thought it was great!!!! We had a good laugh about it…
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