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i saw in the montgomery advertiser an interview with q. groves at media days. the reporter asked him about tray blackmon's status or something. well, mr. groves went on to say something like he has taken blackmon under his wing. he said something like, "i try to set a good example for tray, since i have taken him under my wing, i have'nt been going to the club as much. i also havent been going out and getting "hammered" so much. i read that paragraph like 4 times to make sure i was reading it right. dont know if any of you have seen or heard that, just didnt seem like something he should be saying at media days. maybe it was just an interview with the advertiser? just thought it was kind of a dumb thing to say.
yeah, I would have done it totally different... "I've taken him under my wing. Since then, I have toned down the number of times I go to the bars, and I don't get "tanked" like I used to."

I don't blame or fault him for saying it.
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