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First, I apologize for posting this in the football forum, but it is the most visited forum and I wanted the opportunity for more folks to see this.

Gang, it's that time of the year! We are just one week away from Daytona, so now is the time to sign up for our annual free NASCAR fantasy league.

Just go to Yahoo Sports and click on "Fantasy." Here's the link: http://sports.yahoo.com/fantasy;_ylt=AicMdoHM5VshqliDw7qQoJe5bZ8u

At the fantasy homepage, look toward the lower right corner for a list of leagues to sign up for. Select fantasy auto racing and go through the brief registration process

You will want to join our private league; so click on "join a private league." Here is the information you will need.

Group name: rolltidebamaracing
Group iD#: 20580
password: rolltide

Be sure to spread the word, especially to those folks who have played in recent years but aren't rolltidebama.com members.

I wish I had created a list of email addresses to send notifications out but didn't think to do that. I did try to go back to last year's league to retrieve email addresses but was unable to do so.

I'm ready to redeem myself: Dick Trickle's Blown Rod had a down year in 2010. Expect him to have the pedal to the metal all season long in 2011.

Btw, I have enabled the Lucky Dog scoring option for this league. In each season's segment, the week with the lowest score will be dropped from your point total.

Hopefully, this will give some folks who forget to set their lineups a break . . . and will also keep more teams bunched up and in contention a lot longer during the year.

Just PM if you have any questions or problems registering.

Looking forward to dogging y'all!
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@TerryP: No money, just braggin' rights and virtual hardware to add to one's Yahoo Sports trophy case.

@wildbilladams: I'm tryin' to figure out where you and Porter get your inside information at--you guys can't be that good of guessers on a consistent basis.
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