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For some reason, they believe that they will win if we do not run too much. There D must not be too good against it.


The Alabama team I'm watching doesn't run the ball close to what we saw up at Clemson. This is a very beatable football team.

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Originally posted by crowl1120:
The Alabama team I'm watching doesn't run the ball close to what we saw up at Clemson. This is a very beatable football team.
Very true. I am not that impressed so far.
Yesterday I was able to read on their forum without having to register or be a member. Today it won't let me and says I have to pay. What gives? :(

EDIT- weird, now I can read the forum just fine... :?

From what I read yesterday, a lot of their fans on that forum aren't even big supporters of their own team. :?
They have big guys on the DL, but 2-3 are hurt for our game.
Clemson was misleading, since they have two great tailbacks.
Colorado is misleading because they have no run game at all, and their -27 yards rushing is misleading do to sacks as well.
UAB ran for 100+ on them.

All Grant has to do it break one 40-60-80 yarder, and there goes their "strong D Line"

I think all this run stop stuff just opens up the TE for some action. Walker could have a good game.
So, in other words, if we get our running game going then the outlook should be much rosier? I guess that can be said any week, but it sounds especially crucial this week. I've also seen where Grant might not be the best choice this week. I really wonder if we'll see a lot more of Coffee or Upchurch or both?

I know Grant is shifty and speedy. Who is more of a bruiser...Coffee or Upchurch?
Well, Thatcher is their #2 tackler and Fluellen is their best DLman. Both can't make it through practice as of yesterday. Fluellen with torn elbow ligaments and Thatcher was ina boot with a dislocated toe.

I was angling for all the talk of their stong line, we break one, and that might put them on their heels. Slow the pass rush.

Hmm, I'm liking how Upchurch has looked, spring included. I would like to see him catch aflair out pass, or a screen, where he can get a head of steam. But Coffee has done no wrong. I like Grant because he can break one at anytime, explosive and shifty. So, speed vs speed, Grant. But you are suppose to run right at speed, and thats what Coffee/Upchurch can do. Not sure, but its good to have these three otions.
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