| OT First it as "The Shop," now it's "Taco Tuesday" LeBron is trying to trademark?


el jefe
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is he trying to stay relevant? it's not like he's no longer playing, anymore. just don't understand some of these guys, sometimes.

makes millions in the nba
has his own shoe

nope...i wanna trademark a phrase that's been said for decades so i can get paid anytime anyone uses it. not sure if smart, greedy, or just....weird.


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LeBron is a great basketball player. But sometimes he's just a jerk. Trying to capitalize on taco Tuesday is just a rich man trying to get richer on something he had nothing to do with.
Him and his politics.....cant stand him...he deserves to be in California...fits in perfectly.....he will never unseat Micheal as greatest ever...even though Wilt is really greatest ever...
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