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I'm sure I'll catch it here from everyone, but I've got to admit that the interview ESPN ran on Tim Tebow this morning could have been one of the gutsiest (on ESPN's part due to content) and an excellent show of the Tebow's character and personal life and what he is dedicated to.

Did anyone else see this?

ESPN actually showed Tebow at a prison ministry somewhere spreading the Gospel. ESPN actually let the name "Jesus" on the air and what exactly that name means. Anyway, for all the flack ESPN gets, I give them some props.

Listening to Tebow reminded me a lot of a qb that played at Bama back in 1992 in our more "successful" days. Maybe it only goes to show again that Tebow's success on the field is due to the who he gives the glory to for the accomplishment on the field when all's said and done, much like our QB from 1992.
I saw the video as well and man do I like Tebow as a person and as a Christian. I admire him. He is a good man and is a true role model.

I will route for him as long as they are not playing BAMA.
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