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Ran across this article and found it very interesting. If you think that Urban Meyer will spend the next 20 years in Florida you might be wrong.

Nice read here that details a bit on why Meyer took the Florida job over the Dome and why he might eventually end up there, or at a Big 10 school. There's a lot of opinion in the peice but also a good number of quotes from Meyer himself.

Meyer to Notre Dame?
I've been saying this to my Gator buddy for a while now. I would not be the least bit suprised to see his take the job after Weis is gone.
tidentrue said:
if anything, it makes you wonder what Sabans dream jobs are? :shock: :shock:

they have similar backgrounds

Saban's dream job is a school with almost unlimited resources and deep pockets. I think we give him that plus 100x more. :wink:

Interesting article, I wasn't aware of Urban's love for the Irish. I could see him leaving if Weis is booted out.
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