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These two kids were in competition at Texas at one time. I was just curious how you compare these two?

My thoughts are this:
Obviously Colt McCoy's playing at the top of his game now and of course his team (TX) is ranked #1. I watched Jevan Snead against Wake Forest to open this 2008 season in an afternoon game which was televised on ABC. Ole Miss got nothing from the refs all day but still took the lead 28-27 with exactly one minute to go in the game. Coach Houston Nutt was poised to pull the upset I felt. Wake Forest got the ball on the ensuing kickoff on the 20 yardline. Coach Nutt elected to play zone D and lost! Jevan Snead played as good a game at the quarteback position as I've seen since Archie Manning that day.

Colt McCoy looks almost perfect (this year. I remember how awkward, weak physically and unsure of himself he was two or three seasons ago. He is looking heisman trophy-ish at this time.

please post your comments thoughts and criticisms?

Alabama's looking so good I do not have the words! :?:
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