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I think all it'd take would be his lovely wife, Terry, saying, "Dance with me, Nick." :shock:

'Course, a slow dance would be better. :D


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It's nice to see coach having a good time.
Listening to the players laughing was also enjoyable to hear.
The more these relationships develope the more comfortable I am about coach staying.


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Glad to see him having a good time and not being afraid to act a little silly with the players around.

Just bust a move!

p.s Check out Ms. Terry gettin' down. Definitely a former cheerleader! Work it girl.


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That's awesome. Glad he is having fun and cutting loose with the team.

BTW, if you ever see me dancing in public GET MY CAR KEYS! :shock:


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That's great!

I like seeing coaches have fun and bond with their players. Helps build a even stronger foundation.

And yeah Terry was busting her groove! :D
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