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As the game gets closer I'm enjoying reading your board. I honestly don't know that much about your personnel and found out from an earlier post that maybe my opinion of your OL and DL was overrated. I continue to read to get as educated as I can about the team we'll face in the Dome.

There's an independent Clemson website that's really good where a local radio guy / recruiting guru is giving a breakdown, by position, of Clemson for the upcoming season. Not to bore you, but I'll post the links below for those that are interested. One thing you'll see in each of these is they begin with the "Ryan Update." His son was almost killed in a car crash earlier in the summer so we've asked him to keep us updated on Ryan's progress when he starts his daily blog.





It's intereting that things with the most truth are the funniest:

When a player from your team is arrested be sure to point out:
1. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
2. No fan knows the facts of the case and will not until a trial.
3. Let the judicial system run it's course.
4. Allow the coaching staff to make their decision on the player whenever they obtain all of the information they need.
5. Point out the arrest record of your rival. Be sure to remind them of their issues.

6. Point out how your head coach is much more of a disciplinarian than the rival's.

7. If there is a victim, attack their credibility.

When a player from your rival is arrested be sure to point out:
1. The facts of the case are over-whelming and their player is guilty so why wait for the judicial process.
2. Their coach should have already made the decision and made a statement.
3. Previous arrests and claim the pattern in getting out of control.
4. Their coach puts winning in front of discipline and make moral judgments on his character.
5. Their fans or coaches are probably paying off the victim or have become involved in witness tampering.
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