| FTBL Check this out. USA Today breaks down draft picks by state

Exactly. I think when you talk about the sheer numbers it's impressive what schools like Alabama have done historically. Not only in the draft but in college football in general. For a college like Alabama that doesn't have the highest enrollment and shares it's 4.5 million population base with AU, and to a lesser degree, Troy and UAB, it's impressive when you consider the historical success we've had and the quality of players we've had come through the program.

Teams like FSU, Texas, USC and Florida should be dominant yearly. You'd almost expect them to be given their advantages in numbers alone. It's not a great feat to put a large number of players in the NFL when you have a huge population. Coach Bryant had it right when he made that statement about UF years and years ago. If they ever found a coach it would be like waking a sleeping giant (paraphrased). The players have always been there, and with the sheer numbers involved it's not hard finding dynamite ball players.
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