| FTBL can we stop a big 12 offense


We line up in our nickel package, defensive backs playing bump and run coverage off of the line. Their routes are disrupted from the snap.

With their wide splits, we allow Cody to play 2 gap on their center and, just as one example, send our ILB's in the middle.

I'd be willing to bet we'd have QB hurry numbers that in in double digits...
I would guarantee that Texas Tech would have to bring those safeties up to stop our running game. I haven't seen a physical offensive line in the Big 12 this year. Its hard to be physical when you are throwing 80% of the time.

Harrell has been great lately, but I'm not convinced that he's better than Stafford (or Bradford in his own league for that matter). If that game comes to pass, our staff will have a long time to get ready for their offense.
SpecThis said:
are you kidding?

2005 Cotton Bowl for starters.

And if we stop Florida we can stop and dominate anyone.

Not to jump on the "look a head wagon" but, "IF" we beat MSU, BARN, and Florida. I don't care who we play they are going to lose! This just my opinion but the Gators are playing the best football they have all year. The SECCG will be a very tough game for the Tide and will truly test our team. The winner of the SECCG will be national champs if they don't beat each other up too bad.
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