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Last year in Jacksonville the ticket clerk almost would not let us in the game with my Canon and 28-300mm lense. I haven't been to a game in Bryant Denny in a number of years and wanted to check with you guys to see if bringing it in the game would be an issue.

Thanks in advance.
elbatider said:
BigAl said:
elbatider said:
That is my question. It isn't six inches when it's not zoomed but well over when zoomed. I can lock the lense at the gate.
If they dont ask dont tell.

Gotcha, I think if I lock it in position it will not be a problem. Last year, it opened up as we took it out of the case.

The Bryant-Denny folks rarely do much checking of that stuff. Worst case, they say no, turn around and go in a different gate. I've been to games with people who got in with tickets to games that had already taken place. They pretty much just wave folks through unless you have an AK-47 strapped to your shoulder.
I've never had any issues at BDS bringing in my Nikon D50 and the 55-200 lens.

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