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This past Sunday afternoon I was scrolling down the football forums to see what the new topics of the day were - as I do every time I fire up this here compooter. As I was scrolling, there was a topic entitled “Sooo, it’s “official” UGA vs UA a *Blackout*”. Of course, being a media major, the first thought on my mind was, “oh okay, so Coach Richt must have had a “blacked-out” press conference”, meaning, no cameras allowed?

So after clicking on the enticing title posted by the one and only TerryP, the post opened up and only read as a link “<—rolling eyes“. As Terry does so well, I just HAD to click on it. Laughter immediately expelled from my mouth after hearkening back to the “blackout” win over Auburn last season followed by the slaying of Hawaii in a “blacked-out” bowl game. That last paragraph of the article got my imagination going, where Coach Richt stats “The seniors asked me if we could black out the game”.

All I could think of was a wide-eyed Knowshon Moreno, or Stafford just falling to their knees during the plane ride back from Arizona, placing palms together and begging Coach Richt, “please please Coach, can we please don our black jerseys for the big game this weekend against Alabama!?” Georgia is 2-0 with the black jerseys, taking down Auburn in a 45-20 victory, and routing Hawaii 41-10. Does this mean the Dawgs will dominate and win this game so decisively that it won’t go into overtime this year?

Enjoy the show, have a great week - ROLL TIDE!

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