| FTBL biggest loser show... ROLLTIDE


so I don't watch this show at all, but for some reason I watched it tonight.

anyways, thought it was cool that some ex-bama boys are up there together. Trent got voted off and Roger voted him to go off the show.

When roger voted Trent off, his card said "Trent #65 RollTide IOU :)".
It said I heart U, not IOU.

Trent was having knee troubles and asked Roger to vote him off. I loved the clip of the two of them at BAMA. Awesome.

Trent lost over 100 lbs, and can now fit in his college jersey.
I've been watching this show since it started with the Bama boys on it, and I really hated to see Trent go. They had just started to show some good clips of Trent and Roger, focusing instead on the other contestants. Trent really looked like stand-up kind of guy, not in it for the money, just wanted to get healthy. I hope Roger can pull off the win for the Bama Slammers.
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