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Just a heads up. Before anyone starts the obligitory "Bash JPW, put in McElroy" thread, just remember that we don't allow player-bashing here on RollTideBama.com.

I know people are frustrated and I for one will not try and justify Wilson's play or take up for him. But the rules are what they are. If you have something to say please keep it constructive and do not bash the kids that are going out there every week wanting to win not only for themselves, but for the fans as well.

Let's show that class we love to talk so much about gang.
bamatommy said:
reger60 said:
Ha! You're just ahead of me. I was just about to post a very similar message.

Chop's right. Coach's get paid. Player's do not. Watch yourselves.

Maybe one of the coaches needs to be yelled at for about thirty minutes after the game.

Don't think for a moment that it wont.
Argo said:
I'm not one of those that likes to bash players, but I would like to see Chop go all Mike Gundy on someone!!


LOL!!!!! :D I'd rather go Jim Mora on them!!! :lol:

That one is still one of my favorite all-time meltdowns by a coach because it was FUNNY! It was hilarious and so spontanious it was a classic! I mean, Mora was so taken back at the question he couldn't even speak! He was all spitting and slobbering!!! :lol:

P...pl....playoffs?!?!!! Playoffs!? You're gonna talk to me about playoffs!??! You wanna ask me about pl..play...!! Playoffs?!?!

I'll finish it with "friggin' and Diddly poo!" :lol:

Check out the second clip. Playoffs?!
Chuck-E-Cheeze said:
thanks to whomever did edit me. my comment was uncalled for. i don't really want do be banned.

Well, I have not seen your comment, but FWIW, you've been a member here for a while. I doubt we would ban you for one violation in the heat of the moment.

Consider the editing of your post (by whoever it was) as a favor.

We all get upset to a degree after losses and we all say things sometimes. Just hang in there man. Things will get better. Keep supporting these kids.
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