| FTBL Anybody want/need tickets to Mercer? Southern MS?


I'm selling my tickets to the Mercer and Southern MS games (may sell more later in the season). Tickets are located in NN8, Row 5, Seats 13 and 14. While not prime seats, you do get to see holes open up and pass routes develop.

All tickets are electronic this year. Once we agree, I can transfer them to you with an email address. The transfer goes through Alabama and you are notified that the tickets are available for download. You will probably have to get the Alabama app (link to the right app via Google here, but get it on your phone: Link to see which Alabama app it is). You get the tickets, you send me a check or cash (I don't Venmo). If you don't pay, the entire board will hear about it. We're using the RTB trust system.

Asking $40 per ticket (two for each game). The ticket price isn't on the electronic tickets but I know this is close to face value. First come, first served. Send me a PM or post your questions.
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