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Anticipations are always present, and its also one of the funniest parts of the college football season. Anticipations are always there but they really pick up for me after the 4th of July weekend. As i type this we are still well over a month away and anticipations are getting higher and closer as the season approaches . I guess to me this is one of the happiest times of the yr ,because anticipation and spectulation are at about its highest point of the yr. Heck folks football season is here ,i live in the Atlanta area and im going to sneak up and watch the Falcons practice next week( the first few days of practice the pros still actually hit and fights actually break out). Yessir im declaring with anticipations and spectulations rising every day,that the season is getting nearer for the Bama boys also,praise the lord for college football. RTR
PS sorry for the rant
I'm with ya Lee, I'll be watching the Titans kick off their camp, or at least go down for one of the days.

For Bama, I can't wait to see what incoming freshmen come in prepared, and can come in and help out instantly...I can't wait to see what the new defense looks like, and I can't wait to see what CMA has in store for the offense
rolltyroll said:
Just think, in two months Alabama will be 3-0 and ranked 20th in the country :D

...just think in 2 months and a week bama will be 4-0 and ranked 16th in the country... :D can you dig it
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