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Anytime you have an ACT test score improve by 4 or more points the ACT system will red flag the score to make sure it is accurate. Lawrence's score has been red flagged and by eligibility standards he won't be reporting in June until the Clearinghouse signs off on him.

Captain Munerlyn (sp?) of South Carolina had the same thing happen to him but eventually he was cleared by the Clearinghouse.

Lawrence's coach said "he's real close to qualifying." He has all of his core class requirements but the final grades "aren't in the books yet." Their goal is to have everything together and forward it to the Clearinghouse as early as next week. Also, he stated their goal is to have Zo report in July for the second summer term. That's under the assumption that the NCAA will move quickly in his regard. :roll:
It will take way longer than that as you know Terry.

The clearinghouse is the biggest bunch of idiots the NCAA can assemble.
aMAZEnFan said:
Hey TP, what's the chances that the clearinghouse moves quickly? Slim to none?

I have no idea Mike. None. I've seen kids get approved in a matter of weeks and seen other take so much time they missed part of fall practice.
The first experience that I remember with us is in basketball,with James "Hollywood" Robinson involved. This issue came up on his ACT and the NCAA thumb twiddlers dallied until basketball season was almost over before deciding he was ok. He was a good student in HS, and as I remember majored in math and computer science while at Bama, so in his case the aberration was probably on his first attempt at the ACT.
NCAA injected into the formula, it would likely be quicker to retake the test...which seems to me to be most logical way to resolve the issue.

And on another items...The testing service says "Hey, this is puzzling. I think we need to bring in those guys who deal with athletics to help us with our business."??? Are you kidding me? :?

I'm not a testing expert, but is did stay at the Holiday Inn Express outside the NCAA compound last night. :roll:
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