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I know it's early, but i wanted to get yalls opinions on buying tickets. I have in past seasons bought them a couple of weeks ahead of time on ebay or stubhub. But i'm really wanting to lock down some tickets early this season. Should i wait it out, or just go for it and buy some early?
I landed two seasons seats last year in April on Ebay for $1,100. They were 10 rows up in the center of the goal posts in the upper deck. I sold the Georgia tickets for $350 and the UT tickets for $375 and Houston for a little over $100 on Ebay. So we got to go see the opener, ARK, LSU and the embarrasing loss all for about $250. That allowed us to then get tickets to UM, MSU, and VU which are closer games for us, and then of course the road trip to play FSU. All in all, we were satisfied with our seats and what we invested in seats for the season. Not doing it this year, because about to move to Charlotte so drive will be greater and home schedule is not that great. We do plan to buy again in 2009 though. My name will probably not get called on the season ticket list until I'm 60 from what I hear...
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