| FTBL Alabama looks for mental intensity

Let's see. I think I've read this same article now for 3 weeks. :?

These quotes are 100% true. The guys realize this, but are they acting on it?

So there's the problem, the intermittent mental intensity. What's the solution?

"It's something that comes within the team, within the players," Mustin said. "The coaches can't give us the mental intensity, no matter how much they yell and how much they scream, no matter how much they try to coach that in us.

"That has to come from within and from the senior leaders."

Indeed, it's a demon each player must face and conquer himself.

"The coaches are going to keep reminding you during practice," Johnson said, "but on Saturday, it's all up to the players for them to decide if they're going to do the right things even when they get tired."

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