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He’s right. This team is not the best in the country. Unless the line starts blocking better, the receivers start getting open, and Bryce stops holding the ball too long, we will lose 1-2 games this season.

Flame away.


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I mean UGA definitely playing better than us. Looking at their highlights and watching their game yesterday I noticed a few differences between them and us so far.

1) O-line on their run plays blows people off the ball 2-3 yards. The pass pro is about as good as ours is.
2) Their play calling and schemes are incredibly creative and put people in space all the time. Stetson rarely has to read through progressions. Majority of his passes are inside 10 yards on timing routes or dump off passes that turn into 10-15 yard gains. Goes to show the difference a well called game makes you look.
3) They've been the recipient of some great field position. Very few drives have pushed them inside their 20 to start with the ball.

I'm very doubtful Stetson Bennet continues to carve up defense with dink and dunk passing. Someone will force him to go through progressions eventually and when he has less time to throw and has to read defenses/progress through routes he makes mistakes more often.

Their defense has been solid but I'm not sold on their front 7 or line backers. Their secondary is pretty strong though and will give us fits if our receivers can't find separation.


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I agree. I'm not sure how we can honestly celebrate a blowout win against Louisiana - Monroe. Bill O'Brien is part of the problem. He is no better than Brian Daboll. Bama has tons to talent and this team would put up numbers with any offensive coordinator, but O'Brien's scheme and play calling is horrible. He is absolutely predictable with no creativity in his play calling. He doesn't compare to Sark or Kiffin. This is obvious with our lack of offensive consistency against LOUISIANA - MONROE. Next, we no longer bully teams because we have gotten soft along the trenches. I love Saban's commitment to his players, but DJ Dale is a liability that often gets blown up. He would do better to just fall down and create an obstacle for the opposing team. The interior offensive line is subpar at best. Its time to turn to the youth on our team and let them grow. Finally, Saban's defense is predictable and every person on this board knows this is true. We continue to play man coverage and leave the middle wide open. This has been a weakness since the beginning. If Saban wants to end his career on a high note, it's time to find the next Kiffin or Sark as offensive coordinator and end the Pete Golding experiment. As is, this team loses 1-2 games this year during the regular season.
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