| MBB/WBB Alabama basketball, with better title odds than Tide football, projects among best teams in 20 years

I appreciate Oats confidence but never have been a fan of this part of his coaching. I see it as rat poison. If you are that good you will not have hype it or tell people about it.
A few thoughts:

One, this is also football related.
Two, Oats didn't say this.

Three...I like Coach K. Always have. But, I also like Oats calling him out a few years ago.

I don't mind, at all, seeing a coach who has a competitive spirit and shows it day in and day out. The "Get the fuck out of here" was a beautiful moment.

And...remember this. Pearl said last year that team would run people out of the gym. They did. Good lord at the potential with this roster.
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