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Is our lack of offensive scoring and defensive intensity in the second half of games a continuation of a 'lack of depth'? Or is it more likely something between the ears of our guys?

I know Saban's been hammering them about finishing...doesn't appear to be getting through to them, IMO.
We don't finish strong but we come through in the clutch, sooner or later players are gonna realize they can avoid that whole clutch thing if they ignore their lead and pretend the games tied lol.
Thats a good question. I think it is more about the mental barriers for them. I think they haven't really thought they were going to lose one and the game gets close and they either play clutch or have so much of a lead thatg it doesn't matter. But Im afraid it will eventually catch up to us.
I really think it can be attributed to how hard we play in the 1st half and our lack of depth. We come out and we are the best team in the nation in the 1st half then we hit a lull at halftime and I think its just very difficult for anyone to comeback and retain that intensity.

Think about anything in your own lives where you have literally given something your "all" and actually accomplished it and now imagine turning around 20 mins or so later and trying it again. Its just not the same. Now if we have 2-4 guys deep in each position that all want to play that way then we can obviously make up for that but right now in year 2 of the "process" we just don't have the man power/talent.

It will get there soon but until then lets just hope we can maintain being the best 1st half team in the nation and hold on for the ride.
It's hard to keep the intensity up after you've just thumped someone so bad over a 30 minute stretch. A lack of depth might be a small issue but it often falls back to staying focused on the task at hand. Coaching is alot like teaching 80 kids that all have some form of ADHD. If you don't agree, ask a high school coach or an elementary p.e. teacher.
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