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We had a similar thread last year, and like it, I will update this one with the movement as it happens and next season's roster takes shape. Obviously, all the players in red that are set to return, won't. And others will be added via the portal. But I'll keep this updated and keep track of it as it all unfolds. As always, let me know of any errors/mistakes.

Also, keep in mind, there are 13 scholarship spots available per season. As of now, Alabama is +2 (15 scholarshipped players), which means at a minimum, 2 of the following will not return.

Current 2024/25 roster outlook as of now:
G Mark Sears (5th year Senior)

G Latrell Wrightsell Jr. (5th year Senior)

G Davin Cosby Jr. (Sophomore)
G Houston Mallette (Senior)
F Nick Pringle (5th year Senior)
F Grant Nelson (5th year Senior)
F Mohamed Wague (Senior)

F Sam Walters (Sophomore)
F Mouhamed Dioubate (Sophomore)
F Jarin Stevenson (Sophomore)

G/F Naas Cunningham (Freshman)
F Derrion Reid (Freshman)
C Aiden Sherrell (Freshman)
G Rylan Griffin (Junior)

G/F Kris Parker (Redshirt Freshman)
PG Aden Holloway (Sophomore)

Players from 2023/24 that are not eligible to return next season
G Aaron Estrada

Players eligible to return for next season that will not
G/F Kris Parker
G Rylan Griffen
F Sam Walters
F Nick Pringle
G Davin Cosby

Players signed that are set to join Alabama for next season
G/F Naas Cunningham
F Derrion Reid
C Aiden Sherrell

Players transferring in to play for Alabama next season
G Houston Mallette (Pepperdine)
G Chris Youngblood (USF)

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That's what Coach Parrish called them, "Indian runs."

And yeah, by the time basketball season rolled around and the coach was calling for sprints? LOL...
Coach Pike explained that as “game shape”! A typical practice included a 30 minute scrimmage “before” practice actually began, followed by 10 minutes of stations ( heavy ropes, light ropes, broomstick jumps, backboard touches, and lane slides), rebounding drills with the bubble, inside and outside drills for offense, inbounds plays, followed by another 20 minute scrimmage, followed by “suicides” or “7’s( full court sprints down and back 7 times under 1 minute 20 seconds)!
We were running one of these practices right before the area tournament started when I questioned his “sanity” and purpose of the running! I was told “it was to get us in shape!” I mentioned something about the Boston Marathon and how we would get blown out because our legs would be dead! I was told to shut up and run. I ran but chirped the entire time! I refused to enter the huddle and was told to go to the coaches office. We did and a face to face argument ensued! He questioned my leadership and I told him that I was the only one willing to stand up for my teammates. We got blown out the next night! I scored 26 points, grabbed 12 boards and blocked 5-6 shots, yet Coach got his payback by having me scratched from the all tournament team. Pissed me off to no end!!
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