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We had a similar thread last year, and like it, I will update this one with the movement as it happens and next season's roster takes shape. Obviously, all the players in red that are set to return, won't. And others will be added via the portal. But I'll keep this updated and keep track of it as it all unfolds. As always, let me know of any errors/mistakes.

Also, keep in mind, there are 13 scholarship spots available per season. As of now, Alabama is +2 (15 scholarshipped players), which means at a minimum, 2 of the following will not return.

Current 2024/25 roster outlook as of now:
G Mark Sears (5th year Senior)

G Latrell Wrightsell Jr. (5th year Senior)

G Davin Cosby Jr. (Sophomore)
G Houston Mallette (Senior)
F Nick Pringle (5th year Senior)
F Grant Nelson (5th year Senior)
F Mohamed Wague (Senior)

F Sam Walters (Sophomore)
F Mouhamed Dioubate (Sophomore)
F Jarin Stevenson (Sophomore)

G/F Naas Cunningham (Freshman)
F Derrion Reid (Freshman)
C Aiden Sherrell (Freshman)
G Rylan Griffin (Junior)

G/F Kris Parker (Redshirt Freshman)
PG Aden Holloway (Sophomore)

Players from 2023/24 that are not eligible to return next season
G Aaron Estrada

Players eligible to return for next season that will not
G/F Kris Parker
G Rylan Griffen
F Sam Walters
F Nick Pringle
G Davin Cosby

Players signed that are set to join Alabama for next season
G/F Naas Cunningham
F Derrion Reid
C Aiden Sherrell

Players transferring in to play for Alabama next season
G Houston Mallette (Pepperdine)
G Chris Youngblood (USF)

SEC Basketball Roster Tracker
Random observation:

Caveat: Wague wasn't rated when he joined the Tide: JUCO.

With that in mind, did you know that Sears is the lowest rated recruit on the roster?
Has any of you guys know if Mark Sears may come back to Bama?
I said earlier last week. Mock drafts are good indicators in NBA for if you're getting drafted around where you want. He only had 1 draft board that had him in the top 60ish of guys. Which means he wasn't likely seeing the league, more likely going to G league. After some discussions with GMs that he had recently they're pretty confident he's not going to be drafted this year or would be a late 2nd round selection at best. He doesn't wanna take the chance, he will more than likely stick it out with Bama for another year. His stock will rise if he can prove he can keep the production levels the same for next season. I think the thought's are that he had a hot year and can't sustain the success he had over a long term.
Any thoughts on how likely it is we land him?
I'd say the fact he hasn't committed anywhere else yet is intriguing. I don't feel super confident he's a lock or anything but I know Coach Oats plans on putting the pressure on and trying to get a commitment this weekend. We've got a lot more to offer than some of those other programs maybe outside KSU.
Cliff has changed his mind/plans four times. KSU is the latest to jump into this game; UNC trying to get their foot in the door. As of around dinner time last night he was rescheduling visits.
How many big men can play in the "Oats style of basketball?"

There's not a lot of options for that style, they need to be not only good at protecting the rim and getting buckets. They also have to have the physical capability to run up and down the floor with our team for a majority of the game. Something Eady would struggle with if he was in our system. A lot of the big men like a half-court set type of offense where they can jog up and post in their spot.
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