1. bamatommy

    | FTBL Henry Ruggs Injured

    Ruggs Injured
  2. Bobby Kunz

    | FTBL New Tua - Smith Championship Shirt

    Hey Bama fans. Know I haven’t been posting on here this season as I was last season, but wanted to share along an awesome design for national championship shirts/posters. I write for RollBamaRoll and this company contacted me and asked me to promote their stuff. The poster and shirt are both...
  3. Bobby Kunz

    | FTBL Best Laughs/Tweets/News from Week 3

    New weekly piece I will be doing for SBN's RBR. This will be on top of recruiting coverage for them. Hope Y'all enjoy. Taking Stock: The Best of College Football Week 3 - Roll 'Bama Roll
  4. sk33tr

    | FTBL Golden Flake and ALABAMA

    Golden Flake has put out some new potato chip bags commemorating 125 years of ALABAMA football. got a couple bags. one will be eaten, 'cause....well c'mon, they're Golden Flake and they're delicious. the other will be kept...unopened.
  5. Bobby Kunz

    | FTBL A-Day Super Guide

    Everything + more about what you need to know for A-Day. RBR’s GIANT Alabama A-Day Guide: Parking, Traffic, Construction, Autographs, Tailgating, Tours, Viewer Guide & more!
  6. Bobby Kunz

    | RECRUIT NSD Announcement Times for Recruits and Commits

    Here's a short, informative read on all times you need to know for NSD (FREE)
  7. EasyTider

    | RECRUIT Recruiting News: The Alabama class of 2017

    I realize there is a recruiting thread on page 1, but title is kinda specific. Mods feel free to merge. Anyway, in case anyone might question how big a priority the #1 RB and overall player in the country is for Saban; a visit to mom's POB should answer that.
  8. Bobby Kunz

    | RECRUIT Najee Harris to Undergo Meniscus Surgery; Nothing Major

    Talked to a couple sources and this is supposed to happen within a couple weeks. Just a little cleanup. Free read.
  9. Bobby Kunz

    | OT Introducing myself

    Hello, My name is Bobby Kunz. Little about me is that I'm a young journalist with a passion of covering Alabama sports, particularly football and recruiting. I've been writing for Touchdown Alabama Magazine for a couple months now, as I want to study journalism once I hit Tuscaloosa. I started...
  10. bamatommy

    | FTBL Shaun Dion Hamilton's Mother

    SDH's mom works with me. She is total class, and SDH seems like he is the same way when he is interviewed. I was so proud of his picks against Auburn and Florida, and his long return of the Florida pick. Hated to see him have that injury.
  11. Sgt. Lincoln Osiris

    | FTBL BREAKING: The "U" boosters running amok again

    Involving impermissible benefits with a luxury car rental place and multiple players in multiple sports. BREAKING: UM Players Under Investigation | AM 790 The Ticket Wouldn't this out them in the repeat violator window? Death penalty to follow, if so.
  12. We All Bleed Crimson

    | FTBL Thoughts on today's games

    Just some thoughts on new years day games... I'm pulling for notre dame over Ohio state - mainly because I am sick of bucket fans trashing the Tide. SEC teams better show up today and win games, otherwise the haters are going to be louder than ever. Already hearing how "overall" the SEC is...
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