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  2. Bobby Kunz

    | FTBL New Tua - Smith Championship Shirt

    Hey Bama fans. Know I haven’t been posting on here this season as I was last season, but wanted to share along an awesome design for national championship shirts/posters. I write for RollBamaRoll and this company contacted me and asked me to promote their stuff. The poster and shirt are both...
  3. Bobby Kunz

    | FTBL Best College Football Moments from Week 4

    Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments From Week 4 - Roll 'Bama Roll
  4. Bobby Kunz

    | FTBL Best Laughs/Tweets/News from Week 3

    New weekly piece I will be doing for SBN's RBR. This will be on top of recruiting coverage for them. Hope Y'all enjoy. Taking Stock: The Best of College Football Week 3 - Roll 'Bama Roll
  5. sk33tr

    | FTBL Golden Flake and ALABAMA

    Golden Flake has put out some new potato chip bags commemorating 125 years of ALABAMA football. got a couple bags. one will be eaten, 'cause....well c'mon, they're Golden Flake and they're delicious. the other will be kept...unopened.
  6. Bobby Kunz

    | RECRUIT NSD Announcement Times for Recruits and Commits

    Here's a short, informative read on all times you need to know for NSD (FREE)
  7. EasyTider

    | RECRUIT Recruiting News: The Alabama class of 2017

    I realize there is a recruiting thread on page 1, but title is kinda specific. Mods feel free to merge. Anyway, in case anyone might question how big a priority the #1 RB and overall player in the country is for Saban; a visit to mom's POB should answer that.
  8. Bobby Kunz

    | RECRUIT Najee Harris to Undergo Meniscus Surgery; Nothing Major

    Talked to a couple sources and this is supposed to happen within a couple weeks. Just a little cleanup. Free read.
  9. Bobby Kunz

    | OT Introducing myself

    Hello, My name is Bobby Kunz. Little about me is that I'm a young journalist with a passion of covering Alabama sports, particularly football and recruiting. I've been writing for Touchdown Alabama Magazine for a couple months now, as I want to study journalism once I hit Tuscaloosa. I started...
  10. Bobby Kunz

    | RECRUIT Najee Harris Flight Change

  11. Bobby Kunz

    | FTBL Trent Richardson making a comeback?

    The ex-Alabama RB could be back in the NFL soon -- or at least he's training for it free)
  12. TerryP

    | FTBL Countdown to Signing Day ~ 2016

    Alabama's 2016 Signing Class * Enrolled The following links are to the 247 Composite Ranking Profiles Raekwon Davis, Defensive Tackle Kendell Jones, Defensive Tackle Quinnen Williams, Defensive Tackle Charles Baldwin, Offensive Tackle * Deonte Brown, Offensive Guard Chris Owens...
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