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First lady Jill Biden tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday and is experiencing “mild symptoms,” the White House said.

Whoopi Goldberg missed another day of The View due to her third bout with Covid, but sent a video message to the show to dispel internet rumors about her absence.

If you look she is all by herself in her bedroom. I'm wondering if she has stock in those masks?
Won’t comply!!!
I've said quite a few times, both on the internet and in person to others, I will NOT wear another mask. I did it at my previous job. But I won't wear another one. And if that means I won't be able to keep my current job, so be it.

When I left me previous job (last August), I was about to start working from home. That job turned out to be a bust, so I kept applying to other WFH jobs. I was surprised at how many said that masks were required...to work from home...because reasons. I always sent comments to them telling them were absolutely crazy to require masks for a WFH job when the person would be by themselves. Also, viruses can't be transmitted through a webcam or over ethernet cables.
Y’all are safe, nobody is going to make you wear masks
When it was mandated last time I just went to another county if I had to make a trip to a box store. And even then it was depending on the store within the mask mandated counties. (IE: I didn't see anyone care in Home Depot or Lowe's.)

I find it interesting watching the two groups: those who didn't wear masks versus those who did. The ones who didn't when the pandemic was in full force haven't changed their habits: they didn't and won't. On the other hand those that did, faithfully, during the pandemic? We've seen behavioral changes here: some still comply while others have seen it was what it was.

Changing the subject slightly here ...

One of the biggest instances of mis-information, and quite frankly one of the biggest lies about a lot of people, comes from the term "anti-mask." While I choose to not wear a mask I don't give a damn if others do: I can't be called anti-mask if I'm not against others choices to wear a mask.

I'd argue it's another case of group/identity politics.
@rick4bama 24and7 reminds me of "Hatfield." Coincidentally played by John Carradine, father of David, grandfather of ...
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