| FTBL Whos playing in the NC game this year?

Who is most likely to make it to the NC game?

  • Florida

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  • Florida St.

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  • Georgia

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  • Iowa

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  • Louisville

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  • LSU

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  • Miami

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  • Michigan

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  • Oklahoma

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  • Tenn.

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  • Texas

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  • USC

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  • Virginia Tech

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This is my thing about Brown, and I've said it in this thread;

Given the tradition and expectations of the Texas program, is it not reasonable to think that Brown has underachieved since he's been there?

The guy is a phenominal recruiter! He just can't seem to beat good teams though! They annually get ho-smacked by OKL. The last time they beat the top ranked team in their conference (that I can remember) was when they beat Nebraska in 96. They also beat TAM #6 ranked in 98. Both under John Mackovick.
Since 99 when Brown took over this is what they've done;

99-Beat Nebraska once, lost once. Lost to top 25 teams in 3 of 4 games.

00-three games against top 25 and lost two of them.

01-1-2 against top 25 teams.

02- 2-1 against the top 25 and beat an unranked (apparently?? ) LSU team in the Cotton Bowl.

03- 3-2 versus top 25 but also lost to unranked Arkansas.

04- 4-1 against the top 25. The loss was once again against OKL and the only notable win was against #12 Michigan.

I'd say that Brown has done a less than spectacular job at Texas thus far. I guess you can recruite until the cows cme homw but there had better be something behind it to be succesfull.

Maybe there's an upward trend there? I'd watch Brown another season of two before I bet the farm on his top 25 record the last couple of years. Remember, under Brown they've won the Big 12 twice and once by finishing with 5 losses. Nothing more. That's it. Seems like a letdown to me.
Welcome aboard Bigred1.

FSU huh? WOW! Interesting pick. They could I guess, you never know. Looks like they're going to have to figure out the QB issues first though. They'll also have to get past league rivals like VaTech and BC, not to mention atleast split their inter-state series with Miami and FL.

If they split that series they'd have to beat UF in their finale. If not it kicks them right out of any BCS game.
Mack Brown and the Longhorns aren't going to have to worry about the Texas State Fair this year because they are going to lose on Sept. 10 to Ohio State.

The Rose Bowl will be a true Rose Bowl this year.

USC-Ohio State

Ohio State national champs.
USC stands for United States Champions. But my pick is for UT. Texas that is. Hook 'em horns! SINCE YOU LEFT BAMA OFF OF THE LIST!
I say ROLL TIDE ROLL! But on the list you posted, Texas.

just don't think OU has the firepower on the OL this year and I do not even know who their QB is gonna be, JW might of been a wash in the NC games but he was good all the way there. I took USC and my second if available would of been texas as they will beat ou and other than tam and ou they have a good shot..
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