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Can you believe Southern Cal has 79 returning lettermen. Wow, that's unbelievable. The top five are:

1. USC-79
2. Hawaii-70
3. Miami-67
4. Oregon State-61
5. Kentucky-60

No other SEC team is in the Top Ten. Auburn has 51 and Bama has 48, which seems to me to be more typical.
Does seem a little odd......

I know that USC has an unbelievable recruiting base, but I still hate them.

I think more so for the fact that we have seen all the crooked stuff that has gone on, yet the NCAA turns a blind eye.
psychojoe said:
Southern Cal must have a pretty lenient requirement for earning a letter.

I think you are right. I just assumed that all schools had pretty much the same standards for earning a letter but after starting this thread a friend pointed out to me that isn't the case.
Here's the definition for USC from a USC fan on another site Proud and I hang out on...

Since 1976, squad members who have played at least 30 minutes have been listed as lettermen. There have been many exceptions including kickers and others who contributed significantly to the team's success without playing 30 minutes. Also, senior squad members who have been on the team for several years have generally been awarded letters for their senior season as long as they appeared in at least one game.

FWIW, if I recall correctly, Alabama's standards are set along the same lines as the hardship/medical red-shirts are set.
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