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I live in Ga, and havent heard nothing , but i have had people ask me if he was injured aftter the long runs he made, because he played little if any after the runs.
Dont get me wrong ,i realize Bama has other great running backs who need PT, and some got it saturday.Again i have NO knowledge of any injury. I just wanted to throw the Grant injury question out on this board, because a lot of folks on this board are in the KNOW. Thanks for any info . RTR
Again i have no problems with the responses , and hope for sure they are the reasons. As long as i hear no word of any injury, im real happy.
Does anyone know who possibly practiced today in the injury jerseys ? im just curious i guess.
bama1289 said:
Grant ran for 80 yards on 11 carries. Thats a pretty good day in my opinion. I was wonderin why he only got 11 carries.

We were just out of sync all night offensively. I would think that is the main reason. We started out really flat and then once we settled down we had to score and quickly. That forced us to take Grant out of the game as much as anything I would think.
Not saying that Terry Grant can't block, but with Glenn Coffee being a bigger back, they probably wanted him in there to help with pass protection.
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