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Courtesy: University of Mississippi
Release: 06/21/2007

• Vaught-Hemingway Stadium opens two hours before kickoff. To ensure a pleasant, safe environment, please follow these guidelines:

• Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Anyone entering the stadium with alcoholic beverages may be denied admission (ticket revoked) and the alcohol confiscated. Alcohol possession inside the stadium is prohibited by applicable law and university policy, and violators are subject to arrest.

• Other items prohibited inside Vaught-Hemingway Stadium include artificial noisemakers, food and drink containers, video cameras, umbrellas, sticks, banners larger than 8” x 11”, backpacks and carry bags, chair backs larger than a single seat and any items deemed hazardous by game-management personnel.

• Re-entry is prohibited. Anyone who leaves the stadium during the game will not be permitted to re-enter.

• Southeastern Conference policy limits access to the playing field to participating student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly credentialed persons. At no time before, during or after a game are spectators permitted to enter the competition area. Violators are subject to expulsion from the game, arrest and the loss of future ticket privileges.

• There will be marked designated smoking areas for all who choose to smoke. These areas have been marked and designated signage has been placed to identify and locate these areas. However, there will be no smoking allowed inside the stadium, suites and press box. All individuals caught will be asked to go to the designated smoking area or asked to put the smoke out. If these individuals refuse, they will be escorted from the stadium by security.

So it looks like cameras and lemonade are allowed, its time for me to get rowdy :D
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