| FTBL Two Alabama football players arrested over the weekend


TUSCALOOSA | University of Alabama football players Brandon Deadrick, 19, and Roy Upchurch, 22, were arrested early Saturday morning on misdemeanor charges following an altercation in front of The Legacy, a bar along the UA strip, at 1215 University Blvd.

A sophomore, Deadrick, is a 6-foot-4-inch, 271-pound defensive lineman from Elizabethtown, Ky. Upchurch is a 6-foot, 191-pound sophomore running back from Tallahassee, Fla.

Both were released on bail hours after being transported to the Tuscaloosa County Jail. According to jail records, Upchurch was released on a $300 bond. Deadrick was released on a $1500 bond.

Deborah Lane, University of Alabama executive director of public relations, said that the two UA athletes are enrolled in summer school and confirmed that both were arrested.

UA Athletic Department spokesman Doug Walker said that UA Head Coach Nick Saban was out of town when he was informed of the arrests and declined to comment.

“We are still in a fact-finding situation currently,” Walker said Sunday afternoon.
It's safe to say Upchurch just went down a bit on the RB list. Hey, maybe Jimmy Johns will be back @ RB before you know it. :wink: :?

It's fair to expect punishment and no ice cream cones this time around.
GoodScotch said:
Happens everywhere. Sucks to be first in Saban's doghouse.

I had a player tell me during the spring that playing for Saban was great, as long as you stay out of trouble and do what is asked, on and off the field. He made it clear that he never wanted in his doghouse.
I'm not suprised. I used to go to the Legacy a good bit, and I'd see Freddie Roach, Jawan, and other 'Bama players there. It was bound to happen. Not making any excuses, just saying.
Well personally, I think this altercation hurts more with Deadrick being possible suspended. We need all the deepth we can get on the DL, but fine at RB IMO. I really hate to hear this.

We can only wait and see what Saban does.
Yea, let's please not use the "S" word (suspended). I thought we wanted discipline brought back to the football program. A 19-year-old out at a bar making a fool of himself should be gone. 19-year-olds have no business at a bar. Not trying to make excuses for Upchurch, but at least he is of legal drinking age.
Saban has made it real clear to these athletes of his expectations both on and off the football field. Thier job is to play football and get ready for football as well as get good grades. They crossed the line and if Saban elects to kick them off the team he has my support. I know that may seem harsh but he has to set a tone for the rest of the crew. What I do not get is they were given the opportunity to leave and chose to stay. That shows a lot of brain power right there! Then you want to resist and officer? He needs to be gone. Unfortunatley you are in the spot light playing for UA and everything will be blown out of whack. You know this and accept this when you come play here. He needs to be gone. Not sure as to what upchurch did.
rammajamma said:
Anybody still want to jump on the "Save the Strip" bandwagon?

If they don't do it on the strip, it it will happen somewhere else.

No was for Deadrick and Upchurch, I'll wait and see how CNS handles this. From the little info that I've read, the article on TideSports.com, kicking one or both off the team seems a little harsh to me. But, if that is what Saban does then it's fine with me. Running there asses of and sitting them for a game or two seems a little more realistic.
Capt. Greg Kosloff, spokesman for the Tuscaloosa Police Department, said that Deadrick was arrested for criminal mischief, resisting arrest and giving a false name after the owner of an establishment at 1215 Univ. Blvd. called and said a group of men refused to leave after being asked to do so.

If this is true, I would not mind finding out that he was dismissed from the team. The resisting and lying about your name charges are big POP offences.
Seeing the dissparities in the jail bonds, I would atleast guess that Roy Upchurch just made a bad decision.

I doubt either will be kicked off the team for such light charges, since Saban cant really teach any kind of lesson if they arent on the team.

Oh they are so getting punished though. Upchurch will have a minor stay, but Deadrick will probably be in the doghouse for a good while.

But this might end up being good for the team, just as a reminder to stay straight for all other players less they end up like them.

Also, don't expect to hear anything other "than its being dealt with" , Saban wont further embarrass his players publically probably.
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