| FTBL Todays Nick Saban presser

He is spitting hot fire this week...

Listening to him it is understandable why certain teams want him back....


Glad we have him now.

Roll Tide
Hmmm. Alot of things that are between the lines but a bit too fuzzy to really make it out. Specifically, a little too vague to totally read between the lines, but I do find it interesting when asked about JPW's play (in a not so vailed attempt to ask if he would be benched) that he said,

"I have alot better feeling about working with guys that really want to be good and trying to be good and do the right things than if they don't care about it."

I won't comment on that, but it is an interesting thing to say in regards to the question.

On a final note, if after watching this, you can honestly say Saban isn't the best person to get this program back to the top (and neither I nor he means just winning games), then you weren't paying attention.
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