| FTBL To the RTB.com Tennessee residents...



Congrats on the BAMA win! We know it means a little extra to you guys. Make sure to arrive a few minutes early to work Monday morning, so that you can greet your snotty, hillbilly co-workers as they pull into the parking lot. Don't over do it, but singing 'Yea Alabama', followed by 'Rammer Jammer' while shaking a crimson shaker in their face as they walk to the door would be a good start. Crimson food coloring in the coffee is the next step, followed by throwing a roll of toilet paper at them at the top of every hour.
HECK YEAH! It's awesome! It is definitely sweet! But, it's not AS exciting because they already knew BAMA was gonna win. They all kept telling me it was gonna happen. They all knew it already, so I can't really say anything to them they haven't already said to me. haha It was GREAT watching the game tonight, though! WE had a houseful...half BAMA fans...half TN fans. It was wonderful!
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