| FTBL Tide rallies around Ellis


Tailgating with the Legends on the Quad 11:00 AM Saturday.

Worth the trip just to be at this event even if you don't have game tickets.

Bobby Humphrey , Ken Stabler , Ahmaad Galloway , Barry Krauss , Tyler Watts , Marvin Constant , Freddie Milons , Murray Legg , Scott Hunter , Sam Shade , Antonio Langham , John Copeland , Eric Curry , Freddie Roach , Chris Goode , Kevin Turner , Craig Sanderson , Clyde Goode , Lemanski Hall , Walter Lewis , Lamonde Russell , Russ Wood and Pierre Goode will take part in the fundraiser.

Lemanski Hall,John Copeland.

My hometown buddies :D Good to see they are still around. Last time I saw John he was showing me his championship ring in the store :cry:

and no I am not originally from Carrollton Ga. :wink:
I am probably going.

Ellis was one of my childhood heroes in Chattanooga. He was a Senior at Red Bank HS about the time I was 9 or 10. My Mom's assistant's son played with him on Red Bank and so we knew of him and his talent as a player. When he went to BAMA, we got autographs from him and most of all I got my football number from him. #9. I am very glad that I chose that number and if I ever get to choose another number for a sports team, it will be #9 to honor Victor.

Prayin' for you big man! Roll Tide!
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