| NEWS The Voice of Auburn, Rod Bramblett, and his wife Paula were killed from injuries in a serious auto accident (UPDATE: driver charged)

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When it comes to life and death, fierce rivalries hit the pause button. I saw many, MANY Auburn folks down here helping with cleanup and recovery in the aftermath of the 2011 tornado.

If you have a Twitter account, go send them some prayers.

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Don't see how vehicular homicide charges don't happen in this case. He had to be flying to hit them from behind hard enough to kill them both and probably distracted also.
Here is something that bothers me. In rear end collisions, the death/fatality rate is low when compared to other types of accidents. The primary reasons for fatalities in cases like this include cargo flying forward, occupants who weren't wearing their seat belts, or someone being ejected. (I suspected that when first reading this story and confirmed my thoughts from a lady who works tor the CSI department of the local county Sheriff's office. She's been a lead investigator in auto accidents for over a decade now.)

It's reasonable to assume there was significant impact. However, in most cases like this there's something else that contributed.

I know a fellow who is dealing with something like this right now. It was an accident that happened four or five years ago that's very similar. In his case, the vehicle he struck was sitting at an intersection at 2 in the morning with no lights and the individual who died was ejected from the car. There was more to his story that originally reported and I'm seriously wondering if that's not the case here, as well.
Sad thing, two kids are now going to be without their parents. The daughter is in college and son appears to be jr high/high school age.

LOL. Greatest play by play call in the history of sports, give me a f'ing break.

Sad news, and my heart goes out to their families.

The sixteen year old who killed them will probably get “youthful offender status” so his sentence (if convicted) will be lenient.
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