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The Resident College Football Expert Week 7
October 9, 2008
By: RollTideRandy

Let the Picks Do the Talking

The Resident College Football Expert has never been one to back away from a challenge. That’s why he is coming out firing this week. A slew of games on tap for this week so closely matched, it would seem impossible for anyone to prognosticate them correctly. Some told The Expert, “It’s too hard. Don’t try it. Bama’s off this week. Just take the week off. It’s impossible to pick the games this week.” But that, loving and adoring fans, is not The Expert’s way. He does not know fear. All he knows is correct picking. So let’s get to it.

What, what’s that? Oh, so you want some funny little observations before The Expert makes his picks, is that what you are saying? Well check this out: All-barn lost to VANDY then fired the offensive genius Tony Franklin this week. Haven’t you laughed enough? Look, picking LSU-Florida and Texas-Oklahoma is nothing The Expert can‘t handle, but trying to top such high comedy as Auburn this week is a challenge not even Bill Cosby would tackle.

Sure, we could laugh at Rich Rod for being out coached by the Zooky, perhaps one of the dumbest coaches in the history of college football. But, does that come close to the embarrassment the Barn is currently facing?

We could poke at North Texas for giving up 119 points in the past two weeks, but will that give you the same belly laugh as watching Tony Franklin load his SUV?

So you see fans, The Expert hates to disappoint, but he knows when he has been bested. The gods of college football have weaved a tapestry of comedy down on the plains with which the Expert just cannot compete. So once again, allow the Expert to say…On to the Picks!

Week 7 Picks
That is one hell of a score you picked for the Mizzou vs Okie St. game!!!! :shock:

Over/Under in that game is 79.5...I guess you are saying take the over, eh?
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