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The Resident College Football Expert Week 10: Early Morning Boredom

The Resident College Football Expert complained about this a little last week, but please, indulge him again. Why is it that all the early games on Saturday have to be huge blow-outs? Why can’t networks broadcast good games rather than a ranked team blowing out a patsy? Why can’t they spread out the good match-ups?

The early games last week showed Texas Tech blow-out Kansas 63-21, Florida embarrassed Kentucky 63-5, and Oklahoma destroyed Kansas St 58-35. There is something wrong in the programming when the nation of college football fanatics find themselves all watching the end of the Northwestern-Indiana game. Why not have one conference play their game of the week at noon? Oh, folks on the west coast would have to get up too early to watch it. Those pansies don’t watch the games anyway. They’re probably watching “Dancing with the Stars” or something.

Or if that’s not possible, at least show an interesting game. Take Raycom last week for example, why show #5 Florida against Kentucky when you could show a nail-biter between Ole Miss and Arkansas?

Today's Feature in our blog
Tulsa vs Arkansas

Tulsa is rolling along trying to play BCS buster this season, but they haven’t faced an SEC team yet. The Piggie’s defense may not be able to stop the offenses of Texas or Alabama, but Tulsa doesn’t have those type of athletes. Arkansas badly needs a win and won’t let a signature win against a ranked team with inferior talent slip away. Arkansas 47 Tulsa 27

Wow. This one shocks me.

I'm thinking Tulsa gives Arkansas a game; a good chance it's a good enough game where Tulsa can leave LR with a W.

BTW Randy, you wouldn't happen to have your W vs L record for this season handy, would ya? Just curious...
The Expert is an AMAZING 59-30 straight-up on the season! That's a 66% accuracy rate (which is above 50%!)!

8-0 on Bama Picks!

7-0 on the North Texas Hating Pick of the Week!

The Expert is also 65-25 Against the Spread. This illustartes the number of times we were oh so close on an Upset Special pick.
This is RollTideRandy's standard reply to hating North Texas...

To make a long story short, RollTideRandy was badly mistreated at a North Texas forum back in 2002. Basically they had a "predict the score" thread for the game vs Bama that season and EVERYONE was predicting North Texas to win, some by pretty big margins. RollTideRandy made a post, something to the effect of "Guys, don't you think there might be a small chance Bama might win?" That spurned a bunch of "Cheaters blah blah Spoiled fans blah blah" type of responses. So that's why they are hated.
RollTideRandy said:
The Expert is also 65-25 Against the Spread. This illustartes the number of times we were oh so close on an Upset Special pick.

Now would be a good time to post your 1-900 # for your top picks of the week. JK of course.
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