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I can see why Ted Lasso has won so many in its two seasons. The writing is superb. I've had a few LOL moments.

It's an AppleTV production so I doubt we'll see a crossover to Netflix or Prime. I've watched the first season on a pirated site. Of course, AppleTV offers a free trial and you can get a taste of the show with their S1E1 also free. (Seasons are 10 episodes, roughly 30 minutes a piece.)

HIGHLY recommend!

It Takes Eleven

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Yeah, I watched it during January, wife watched it a while back and said she'd watch it again with me. I find that we have most music and video streaming subscriptions, I'm just unaware of it.

Looking forward to season 3, and to Yellowstone picking back up. Not watching anything else right now, although we did rent Devotion last week, based on Adam Makos' book regarding two Navy flyers in Korea, one black (Jesse Brown), one white (Tom Hudner). Hudner is played by the guy who was Hangman in the new Top Gun. It's a very good book, and the movie was good, only available to rent right now, didn't have impressive numbers when it hit the theaters in November. There's an old guy (97 y/o) who is in a group of old guys who come into one of my wife's Chick-fil-A's every Tuesday for coffee. He flew with them and all three of their families spent time together when they were at Quonset Point. He was assigned to the Cabot, and Jesse and Tom were assigned to the Leyte. He gave me a copy of the book.


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A side note you guys may find interesting.

There's another show on one of these networks called Intelligence with Friends co-star David Schwimmer in a lead role. The guy who plays Nate in this series, Nick Mohammed, also created, writes, stars, and is in an executive producing role in Intelligence.

That series has ran for two seasons though I'm not sure if it was renewed for a third.

I saw something about Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, and Mohammed being involved in an upcoming movie ... I'd have to hit Google to tell you what it's about other than it's a murder mystery/thriller.
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