| FTBL Stat Just Mentioned About Saban On Florida/Vandy Broadcast



Coach Saban is the only coach in the history of college football to beat a team he led to a national championship with another team.
BamaCore said:
God Altie, haven't you realized it yet!?

It's obvious we're not getting Saban!


:lol: I know it BamaCore. This will be his last year also. When he was hired, all the experts told us, with dead certainty, that he would only last 2 years because of the irrational expectations of the delusional 'Bama fans.

I guess we will have to start looking for another coach as soon as this season is over. That is really going to suck.
RollTideRandy said:
I could have sworn Steve Spurrier and South Carolina beat Florida in 2005. I think that stat is wrong.

You are exactly right, RollTideRandy. I don't know why the announcers said that, but they were sure wrong.

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