| FTBL Stadium Expansion update: BOT voting today (Friday)...


...on stage one of the project which was approved yesterday by the Properties Committee.

Stage one isn't breaking ground, but doing a feasibility study and determining how much it would cost.

While there isn't any news on who will conduct the study or how long it will take, Coach Moore has several sets of plans he has already looked at so I don't anticipate this will be a very long, drawn out process.

LBS said:
Do we have ANY idea what Coach Moore is looking at?

I've heard as many as 4-5 sets of plans. From skyboxes and media rooms all the way down to an addition like you see above the boxes on the north end zone.

I've seen some of the renderings...looks a lot like the outside of the north with the brick exterior.

I didn't bother to save the picture...if I can remember where I saw it I'll post it.
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