| SPRTSBK Sportsbook's games for Week 1️⃣ are in the book: Get your picks against the spread, over/unders, and winners in. (brief "how to included)

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The games and lines for week' zero and week one are in the books. You can find your SEC games as well as many from top 25 action to wager on this year.

A brief "how to," or "reminder," for those who may need it.

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@alabamajack mentioned a mistake in the Oregon St. vs Okie State game. 5dimes, where the data was pulled from, had it listed at 37 and the O/U is 75. A mistake/misprint on their part translated over here.

There were three wagers placed on the over 37, those have been returned.

The new O/U are now posted.
"With the news of the expected relocation to Tallahassee, the betting line at Caesars Sportsbook moved to Florida State as a 6.5-point favorite. The Seminoles were a 5-point favorite earlier Thursday morning, when the game was still scheduled for neutral site Jacksonville."
Hurricane threat moves FSU-Boise to Tallahassee

VI Consensus is at 6.5
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😂 I have more than I care to say on BSU +4 and +4.5. Laughing while crying because it doesn't matter. BSU wins SU.
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OKAY!! Boss man I need to ask you something!! @the Bookie last year we had a take it back bet? If we make a bet and change our mind, we could with a small fee take it off. We still have this?
That was associated with Member bets / Betting exchange (a wager between you and someone else.) I don't have the betting exchange turned on this season.
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