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It Takes Eleven

Quoth the Raven...
These have probably been posted, but both are good.

Matt Hayes has us in the Outback against Penn State:


Spencer Hall's Blog: "Alabama Almost Makes Nick Saban Smile - Almost" has some pretty funny stuff:


Clemson’s “Thunder and Lightning” duo of James Davis and C.J. Spiller tallied 21 yards total. Much of this had to do with the D-line, an active, malevolent crew featuring Terrence Cody, Alabama’s 370-pound lineman who is really a buffalo. He is listed as a “freshman,” but don’t believe it. I believe in reality he is Ralphie, the Colorado Buffalo mascot, in pads and a helmet. I demand DNA testing.

At time of filing, there were three fans screaming “NICE PICK, CORSO” and “ROLL TIDE, ROLL” at the top of their lungs in the Georgia Dome. They show no signs of leaving. We may have a problem here that tasers can’t start to fix (see earlier note on beer consumption.) I recommend telling them Dennis Franchione is hogtied outside and defenseless, which should get them running quickly enough.
Spencer Hall always gives me a good laugh. If you enjoy his raunchy brand of humor, check out EDSBS.com as well. Always good for a few laughs to start out the morning.
I like this one was well, :lol:

Nick Saban called this complete domination “a B on the midterm” and chewed the scalp off a reporter in the postgame press conference despite winning by 24 points over the number No. 9 team in the country. This is the Dark Lord Saban we know and wake up screaming thinking about yelling at us in practice.
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