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Did you see the press conference with Saban? He commented about all the misinformation floating around about various issues. (staff issues) Rick Carley spoke of the many forum sites being the main cause. This just proves that spreading propaganda and rumors are bad for everyone involved. CNS said there's never any truth to any of it so lets do him a favor and Knock It Down when we see it...
Coach's orders. But he didnt sound all that angry about the misinformation, just mad at the reporter. I interpreted just as a "sigh" of sorts, but he should know, as well as I know, itll go away with time.
I wonder if he told Al Del Taco any of this. I don't know if CNS has ever been in a state with such an intense rivalry as this one. Most of the misinformation comes with a neat little orange and blue bow on it.
You know, it's always amazing to me to think of the State of Alabama as such a "media powerhouse". I mean, think of coaches and athletes of pro organizations in places like New York, LA, Chicago, Philly, etc. I mean, there are more newspapers, more big TV outlets, more people, more everything. Yet, here in Alabama the Beautiful, we have more of a media circus over coaching staff changes than when Tom Brady wears his underwear out to get his morning newspaper. It's so stupid, and it proves to me everytime that people in the media in this state just have NOTHING else to do with their time. I believe in freedom of speech, but it should be limited when it comes to Alabama sports writing. :D
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