| FTBL Rolando McClain

He will be a special player for us, and man does he play with heart. He has injuries with his hand(heard a broken wrist or thumb?) and a separated shoulder, but still was out there. Got to applaud the guy for his courage and toughness.
I believe this kid is dripping with leadership he will put prints down at Denny Chimes before leaving the Capstone! and by the way I heard he was spotted at a Mongolian Rest. with Willis spending part of that $4 million! :lol:
Hightideiscoming said:
I'm scared he'll get NFL-itis and see those dollar signs. We'll definitely see him playing on Sunday one day.
At least the NFL won't take him until after his junior year!
musso said:
mongo4bama said:
in the spring with a supposed moving to the 4-3 defense which I will be glad

where did you get this info???

Internet subject thrown out a few places a couple of weeks ago...where it came from originally, I haven't a clue. It makes no sense to me considering some in this class have been specifically recruited for the JACK position, the NG position, etc.
Porterhouse said:
I think he will move to, or at the very least play quite a bit, at Jack LB next season and thrive.
WOW, Rolando on the Jack spot. Interesting. :o

What I like most is the fact Rolando looks very confortable and with leadership on the D. Maybe Gilberry's last words giving him all the control of the defense next season are beginning to get their results...

Bama Bo said:
He may very well move and thrive at the Jack position, but I sure do love seeing him in the middle.

Yeah, I thought his pass coverage skills improved greatly during the season (two late season INTs). The Jack LB isn’t used that much in pass coverage is he? I would really miss seeing him making picks. :?
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