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Resident College Football Expert Week 5: History in the Making

Written By RollTideRandy

The Resident College Football Expert has been rolling along this season at an amazing 80% accuracy rate. Everything has been falling into place perfectly. All of The Expert’s pre-season predictions appear to be 100% correct. Oklahoma climbs in the polls each and every week approaching the National Title The Expert told everyone they would win. Perhaps, we should just end the charade of this college football season and just give them the trophy. The Sooners are just rolling along like an unstoppable college football machine. Can anyone stop them?

If someone can, it may be the team that has been the thorn in The Expert’s rear-end this entire season, BYU. This team is a mystery Sherlock Holmes couldn’t solve. The Cougar’s average recruiting ranking the last four years? 49! Where did these guys come from? Quarterback Max Hall was a two-star prospect from Mesa, Arizona and he may become the first Div I QB in history to go through an entire season without throwing a single interception. But these dudes are about more than just offense. These guys have thrown back-to-back shut-outs. All without a single top 20 recruiting class. It’s almost like living in Bazaro World. The fact that a team with so little talent can look so good, shakes The Expert’s faith in everything he holds dear.

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