| FTBL Remember the "Jumbo package"?


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Sure, we all do. But, picture this version, Mt. Cody running left side behind the block of Mr. Andre Smith. Who on God's green earth would want to see that coming at them. :shock: I like!(in my best Borat voice)
porkchop said:
ua2K10 said:
I will die a happy man if I never see that formation again.

Hehe! Shula about ruined that for BAMA fans. That's like a dirty word now.

That's true, still woundering why the FB didn't get the ball more esp. around the goalline, ;scr. Everyone knew T.C. was going to get it and knew which side and hole he was going too.
Tider27 said:
Up the middle for a one yard gain. Yep that phrase still makes my skin crawl.

I think I just had a bad flashback. Is it possible to have post traumatic stress disorder from football?
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